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The Harmony Collective

Your wellness is our passion.

Upcoming Retreats & Events

At The Harmony Collective, we believe in the transformative power of wellness retreats. We are excited to announce our upcoming retreats for 2023, where we will be focusing on different themes and areas of personal growth. Join us for a weekend of self-care, connection, and rejuvenation.


Whether you are looking to deepen your yoga practice, explore your creativity, or simply take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we have something for everyone. 

See all of our upcoming retreat below.

Spring Renewal Image.png
Spring Renewal Wellness Retreat

April 14-16 | Fort Erie, ON

Find balance and harmony during this weekend of discovery, connection and renewal. Come and embrace this new beginning and honour the return of the light at our Spring Renewal Retreat. Allow it to fuel your growth and restore balance into your life.

Rustic Farm Stay 
Weekend Retreat

June 23-25 | Prince Edward County, ON

Spend the weekend surrounded by nature in a peaceful location. It is the perfect way to get back on track. Let go of feeling overwhelmed and find inner peace and strength at this weekend retreat. Slow down, reset your mind, body and spirit and experience healing and awakening like never before.

Eat, Neigh, Love
Day Retreat

September 9 | Tottenham, ON

This retreat will be the beginning of a beautiful journey toward a more cohesive connection with your true self. Enjoy a day of discovery and reflection within the sacred realm of nature. Interact with Herd at Horse Spirit Connections, to reawaken long-forgotten wisdom and knowing that will bring about healing and balance in your life.

Witches, Wine & Wellness
Weekend Retreat

Nov 3-5 | Fort Erie, ON

Reclaim the sacred goddess power that lies within you. Tap into ancient traditions and feminine power, mystical wellness, natural beauty and personal creativity to develop a true intuitive connection to the life-giving forces around us. This unique weekend will be a sacred space of transformation and alchemy with a little magic and fun weaved in.

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The Harmony Collective

Where your wellness is our passion.

Providing personal and corporate wellness retreats and events.

The Harmony Collective is a trio of heart centered women who combine their unique skills, abilities and personalities, creating experiences to help bring peace and balance into people's lives.

They put on their first retreat in 2020, and have been enriching the experiences of guests ever since. Each retreat is a unique expression of the beauty and wonder that life has to offer, with a hint of guidance and inspiration.

Understanding that time and space to escape from the hustle and bustle of life can be in limited supply, they dedicate so much time and effort into all the preparations. They sure are doing something right, because most of their guests keep returning for more.

The Harmony Collective Team

Your passionate wellness providers.

The team at The Harmony Collective, are passionate about creating and providing memorable and rewarding experiences. Our team has the training and experience required to provide you

with the best wellness services to support you in your healing journey. 

This trifecta combines their skills to provide a number of services including, life coaching, energy healing (Reiki & Huna), yoga, mindfulness & meditation, sound therapy and much more.

We provide classes, retreats and will work with you to create customized programs to suite your needs.


Andrea Tesolin

Embracing Zen Wellness

Catherine Henry

Inner Peace Warrior

Melanie Groves

Metamorphosis Healing

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